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Designing the character

Today I will tell you how we design the character of Latte. It was a long, slow road, decisions were made, others were removed. The idea of ​​making a sequel of Mr. coffee was born because we knew the potential of the originalconcept. Also, we didn't take the 100% of it, because time and our lack of experience. So Carlos's brother (Carlos is Ulpo Co-founder) one day mentioned us to do a sequel which was called "latte guy". We finally kept the character's name but we removed the "guy" Dx.

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At first you have to define the character, who is and what it does. We had clear that Latte is much younger than Mr. Coffee and that would be demonstrate in his joviality and spontaneity. John, the character designer, made ​​a lot of latte versions until we decided on one of the first who showed us.

A lot of ideas were used of this model such as the type of hair and the eyes style. 
After that we move to a more complete version and try colors on it.

We were clear that we wanted brown colors for the character, it's a coffee stain after all. However this model didn't convince us, that was for clothes and how the hands and feet looks. We thought that being a platformer game, the character should be simpler and the limbs easier to animate. Feet and hands complicated us a lot, so we decided to do another version of the character.

This is the last version of Latte during the game. In this version we simplify a lot of things, hands hasn't fingers and toes are simple triangles, clothes are the same as earlier but the pants turned into shorts, the colors were based on brown but predominantly yellow, the character looks human but is not equal to one.

That's how Latte was born for the videogame.
A mix between technical and aesthetic decisions.

Hope you pleases the process of the characters. We will write another entry soon, for now I leave a video about the game test operation, it stills missing animations that are in sketch, but you can see mechanics and stuff like that :D

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